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Getting to Good Enough

Use the Cyber Security Maturity Model to plot a course to optimal protection

Good enough. It’s the plain-speaking way to say “optimal”. It means just right, a kind of balanced state. And in business, things are optimal when you are paying for precisely what you need—not more and not less. This simple concept has always been difficult to apply to cybersecurity in part because cybersecurity is a moving target always striving to keep up with a cybercrime force that changes every day.

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NewRocket helps organizations make more confident and effective business decisions. By providing trusted, aggregated, and transparent risk & security intelligence, we plan, deploy, and manage successful programs for Integrated Risk Management (IRM).

NewRocket's team of experienced management consultants, subject matter experts, software developers and solutions architects offer a full lifecycle of IRM and security related professional services including executive management workshops, strategy sessions, implementation & integration and support services.

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