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How to manage the risks in Digital Transformation

The new keys to a high-performance GRC program

Calculated risk-taking is and has always been the essence of business and route to success, and a strong governance, risk and compliance (GRC) program is the right tool for managing non-financial and compliance risk.

But the rich opportunities in Digital Transformation have tempted many organizations to circumvent their GRC program  - to rush into Digital Transformation projects without a clear picture of the new risks they are taking on and without the controls needed to manage those risks.

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About the author

Ken McPherson, CEO of Iceberg Networks, discusses the risks that organizations are taking on when they take on Digital Transformation and the keys to a high-performance GRC program – one that identifies, quantifies, and qualifies those risks so businesses can make the fully informed decisions that support and drive your organization toward its goals. Done correctly, you can turn your GRC program into a true business enabler for digital transformation.

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